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Mark Dryden - Keys

Mark Dryden of John Lennon Tribute UK stroking those keys

With incredible experience in the music industry, from performing with world class musicians, to writing music for TV and Film, multi instrumentalist Mark brings an excellent management style to the business, knowing exactly what he wants and sets the standard high.

Mark has been a professional keyboard player since 1988, working across the UK and Europe, including a stint as part of GMTV’s Rustie Lee’s band, and has played with Dire Straits’ legendary drummer Terry Williams and even shared the stage with members from Led Zeppelin.

He has been involved in theatre shows and various cabaret backing bands and also traveled the UK as a solo keyboard/vocalist and with Jumping Jacks dueling pianos UK tour.

Mark’s most recent project is playing keyboards for Dire Streets; one of the top Dire Straits tribute bands in the UK. John Lennon Tribute UK are lucky to have him!

John Brunsdon - Guitar

John has been a Lennon fan since childhood when his parent's single version of Revolution first made him realise just how good an angry overdriven guitar could sound! Joining John Lennon Tribute UK was a no brainer!

John is an accomplished and versatile guitarist, fronting one of the UK's leading tribute acts over the last 8 years, as well as playing in countless bands and projects across a wide range of genres.

John Brunsdon of John Lennon Tribute UK playing that guitar

Andy Perry - Bass

Andy Perry of John Lennon Tribute UK playing that bass

Andy became a Bassist using the well trodden route of being the worst guitarist in a band with no bass player, subsequently delegated to the position of Bass Owner. That was many years ago, a move that proved to be a good one and he is now a seasoned player of many styles ranging from Jazz, Blues ,Soul Funk and Rock. Andy plays 4 and 5 string basses, fretted and fretless and Double Bass. Influences include James Jameson, Jaco, Paul McCartney, Duck Dunn and importantly loads of unnamed bass players from local bands playing pubs and clubs back in the day. Of interest to “Gear heads” he uses an ACG Custom J Type 5 String Fretless Bass, a Maruszczyk Elwood 5 String fretted bass and a fretless 4 string Fender clone of unknown origin played through a Handbox R-400 head into TKS cabinets. The backbone of John Lennon Tribute UK

Graham Twist - Drums

Graham has been drumming since the age of 14 and has always made his living from it. From the early days of touring the UK with stars from “The Commitments” film while still at school, through to 14 years on the drum stool for the UK’s leading Led Zeppelin tribute band Whole Lotta Led, he’s got experience of literally thousands of gigs in some of the country’s best known venues and theatres. He’s also been lucky enough to play The Cavern in Liverpool and record in the legendary Studio 2 at Abbey Road which for a Beatles fan as big as him is the holy grail! As well as all his live work Graham also runs his own music school in Gloucester called Rhythm Hub. Graham is the backbeat of John Lennon Tribute UK

Graham Twist of John Lennon Tribute UK bashing those drums
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