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So, work is progressing nicely for our Live Band Stream on Saturday 6th June at 7pm.

The website hosting the stream is being finalised at the moment and will be published soon.

A bunch of Radio interviews have taken place with a few more coming this week - keep an eye on social media for details.

Options to donate in advance are now live via PayPal and can be accessed here

More details to come in the coming week!!

Exciting stuff!!!!

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  • Writer's pictureJohn Lennon Tribute UK

John Lennon Tribute UK are pleased to be playing our first live show since Lockdown began.

Saturday 6th June at 7pm.

Playing the best of John Lennon solo career on a real live stage with a real live band!!

This show will be streamed for free at

but donations are encouraged.

All monies will be used to satisfy PRS requirements, Pay the streaming service, pay for the fantastic venue and the cast and crew.

The video and audio will be high quality making you feel like you are attending a real live show!!

In these unprecedented times, we are proud to be adapting and hopefully paving the way to ensure venues survival as well as other similar acts to us that are really struggling during this time.

The small print:

> Only solo John Lennon will be performed. NO Beatles.

> Stream is only available in the UK.

> No Audience will be in attendance.

> Cast and crew will adhere to UK Government Guidelines on Social Distancing at all times.

> This is a first for us, entering uncharted territory - if we have any technical difficulties, please bear with us!!

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Well, what a year it has been so far!! We've had stage invasions in Ireland, Rooftop shows in Stratford, mad photo shoots involving wandering round Shakespeare's home town and being insulted by Richard 111!! Ha!!

Voice overs for new movies (more news coming soon!!!) as well as a spot of cabaret!!

Coming up, more carnage in and around Maidenhead, Birmingham, Sudbury and Newquay.

Keep your eyes peeled for John Lennon Tribute UK's antics!!!

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